Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Horse Head Doorknocker

"I bought that when I was nine years old and living in the UK" the owner explained.

I had spotted the knocker from the street and stepped up onto her porch to get a closer look. The lady had come out to put her bin on the curb and saw me peering at it. She didn't mind at all and went on to tell the story of how the horse doorknocker came to be on her front door. She had kept in in her posession for many years after buying it at a garage sale. She had never owned her own home before and when she came to purchase the darling little cottage in North Adelaide the knocker came out of hiding and became the unique antique that sets her home from the rest.

"It's a little wonky...", she continued. But it's so beautiful that noone but her would notice...

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