Friday, December 07, 2012

Meet Harsanjh | Adelaide Newborn Photographer

This little princess belongs to dear friends of mine. I had been waiting in anticipation for her to come along and when she came early I was over-the-moon. She is so doll-like with her big brown eyes and caramel skin. This session was taken a few months ago and she is now four months old - my, how fast do they grow!

Hardeep and Harsimran I am so super happy for you both, Harsanjh is so beautiful and I can't wait to visit again (and again, and again!) and have more cuddles! xx



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jess + Matt | Adelaide Wedding Photographer

It's no secret that I love weddings - I love to hear about all the details, planning and of course the dress but most of all, I love to tell the story of the day with photographs. To be trusted to capture a couple's wedding day is not something Luke and I take lightly.  Our wedding photography journey is only just beginning and we hope to continue to be blessed with beautiful couples whose wedding stories we can tell with honesty and love.

Matt and Jess chose to marry on a property in Yankalilla with the most spectacular view of the coastline. Their day was simple, romantic and (relatively) stress free. They were blessed with beautiful weather with only one of the groomsmens suits got left in Adelaide! Once the suit finally made it to Yankalilla, their family and friends (even the couple's 'fur babies', Apples and Hudson) all gathered at the property to witness their love. The ceremony was followed by the reception where we all enjoyed an amazing golden sunset.

Thank you Matt and Jess, Luke and I feel so honoured that you chose us to tell the story of your special day.

Megan + Luke xx



Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jenn | Adelaide Maternity Photographer

Back in July (yes, that long ago!) Jenn asked me to do some special maternity photos for her as a surprise for her husband. Jen is originally from Adelaide, and while she now lives on the Gold Coast, she made a quick trip back for her baby shower and a quick photo shoot. Jen is good friends with my friend Niki whose maternity photoshoot readers might remember here and her subsequent little Indi!

Jenn, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this special time in your life! Hope everything is going fabulously with your little boy. xx

Little details from Jens cute baby shower!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Long overdue catch-up...

Life for us lately has been crazy. As some of you know, we recently bought our first house and the whole moving house process took more time and energy than we estimated. We have been in our house for five weeks now and that time has absolutely flown by!

I completely let my blogging go by the wayside and now I am getting back on the blog wagon. I have a ton of things to blog about including a gorgeous maternity session (she is now a Mummy!), a sweet newborn session and plenty of gossip about the adventures Luke + have been up to!

Luke + I are also gearing up for the amazing 6 months ahead which includes three weddings. We are so excited and honoured to be photographing the special days of these three couples. Our next wedding will be in November and we cannot wait! Not long to go now Jess!!

For now, here are a few phone pics for a quick update of the last few months!

1. Birthday flowers from my lovley workmates
2. Cute business stationary I bought from Etsy (Etsy is my new love...)
3. Little Dougs loving his first Babycino
4. Dougs turned ONE
5. My solo expedition to spend almost out of date gift cards was a resounding success!
6. Luke & I road-tripping
7. Spent a weekend away in McLaren Vale
8. The amazing view we woke up to in MV(my phone didn't do it justice!)
9. Moving Day! We finally made the big move!

1. The morning view from our new house
2. Gumtree addict! This wine rack was $30 and I plan to paint it up and make it pretty. Other gumtree purchases lately have included bedside tables, lamps and cane outdoor furniture!
3. Our "pet" duck Olive. We found her nesting in our pergola fernery - fingers crossed we will be home when her ducklings hatch!
4. Lukes handiwork, the makeshift doorbell.
5. Tiny part of the swordfern forest in our backyard conqured.
6. Roses from our garden. Was originally going to pull those prickly suckers out but now they have bloomed I've changed my mind.
7. Cheeky Dougs
8. Dinner! This is what I "cook" when Luke is on nightshift
9. Us

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Notes...

Dear Queen, your song 'Only the Good Die Young' is true. Sarah, I hope to see you again one day, rest peacefully.
Dear family, I'm so excited to be spending this long weekend with you all.
Dear new house, we have fallen in love with you and can't wait to make memories here.
Dear cookie jar, how did you empty so fast?
Dear shower door, I can't wait to buy you and install you so our floor stays dry!
Dear Pinterest, thankyou for inspiring my Mama Bear to make this pretty beauty for me...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The end of the Emilie era...

One week ago today was Moving Day! We had the truck hired and the boxes packed.

It was a little bittersweet leaving that teensy, tiny unit and moving into our new house. The end of our renting days (that's the sweet bit!), but moving on is the start of a new and exciting era. In a way our decision to buy a house together is cementing our relationship. We believe we don't have to have rings to know we will be together forever and buying a house means the world to us.

The red brick 1960's unit was where our relationship grew, where our relationship once 'broke' and where it was mended again. We moved in there two years ago after being together for a mere five months with the attitude 'well, if our relationship doesn't last, we can break the lease and move on'. Now, after some amazing times together - holidays, business ventures, funny mishaps we have packed up all our fond memories and have moved on and out!

We made so many memories and 3/35 Emilie Street will always be where 'we' started.

I came across this little quote and thought how profound. This sums up how I felt about leaving Emilie Street. Our relationship, as well as us as people, will be growing, changing and will never be what it was when we first moved into that little space.

so true <3

Friday, September 07, 2012


When life gets busy, hectic and full-on, escaping to the country is the best way to relax, unwind and forget all the worries.

Luke and I both work full-time day jobs which leaves us the weekends to book photo shoots, Weddings and Christenings and after work during the week to meet with clients, edit photos, update the blog, update the website, plus all the other business things - researching new gear we need, organising marketing and client packs, re-visiting pricing...yup, you get the idea!

June and July had been full-on for us to say the least, we had been working our butts off and we were scared of a burn-out. So on the first weekend we had free we did what we do best...we got in the car and went road-tripping!

The best plan is 'no real plan' and Luke suggested we decided to head in the direction of Burra. We put on our trackies and runners, bought some snacks for the car, packed up our cameras and headed North.

We spent the day driving a 4wd tourist drive, lunching, winery-ing, and enjoying.


p.s. Right now, we are having another weekend getaway in McLaren Vale...a much needed and deserved break before we move into our new abode!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Meet Charlotte | Adelaide Newborn Photographer

Meet baby Charlotte, who was bought into the world in July! Luke and I met her and her parents back in July when she was 14 days old.

Thank you again to Gillian and Andrew for inviting us into your home and allowing us to create precious memories for you family.

Luke + Megan xx

I have a weakness for newborn feet...

Charlotte was born with blonde hair which apparently is so rare that nurses in the hospital would come and have a peek at the little blondie.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sunsets & Reflections

These days, the busy-ness (yeh I'm pretty sure that's a made-up word!) of everything gets in the way of Luke and I being able to get out and take pics for fun. Sure, we love photography and we have fun taking pictures in our sessions (I love meeting and working with clients!!) but sometimes we crave taking pictures without the pressure of having to take a 'great' picture.

Luke's sister is studying photography (and is great at it!) and asked him if he could take her out to the wetlands and salt pans North of the city. I decided to tag along on their little expedition and I'm so glad I did.

The calmness of the water and the colours of the sunset were stunning.

These are the moments that remind me of why I fell in love with photography.

Enjoy. xx