Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Michelle + Haidon | Adelaide Wedding Photographer

A while ago I had the amazing opportunity to second shoot a wedding with two new friends Kristy Barnes from Moments of Forever Photography and Donna Solowij.  They welcomed me with open arms and friendly chatter even though we had only met just moments before the wedding ceremony! I had such a great time shooting alongside these two wonderful ladies and can’t wait to be able to do it again sometime.
The wedding of Michelle and Haidon was at Sefafino’s at McLaren Vale on a gorgeous sunny Saturday.  After the beautiful ceremony by the lake we hightailed it around the corner and took some photos in the Leaconfield Winery vineyard – the light was AH-mazing!

A big thank you to Michelle and Haidon for letting me photograph their special day and an even bigger thank you Kristy for allowing me to second (or third!) shoot with her.
Megan x

How gorgeous is this little guy!

Michelle, you're gorgeous....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Things I Love...Styling...

Waiting at the bus stop a few days ago I was admiring the colours of the roses outside the local church. They were nearly past their use-by date and I knew they weren’t going to last much longer so later that night Luke and I wandered down there and I….umm…borrowed(?) some to make my own little styled set-up.

Luke and I have a great cane chair that we picked up at a second-hand store a while back to use on location shoots so I had grand plans to set-up the roses and other little pretty things around the house to pull together my idea.

We live in a unit which adjoins 3 others so I’m not sure what our neighbours thought of me setting this up on the front lawn as I started snapping away!

I absolutely love the colours of the roses together combined with the mirror photo frame. The photo in the frame is one Luke and I took at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens last year (we did our own little photo shoot on self-timer and then gave the pics to family for Christmas).

Enjoy. X

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Nikon AIPP Event...

For a photographer the chance to learn from the best, mingle with fellow photographers, test out equipment, chat to vendors is an opportunity that can't be missed. The Nikon AIPP Event is in it's second year and since it was coming to Adelaide it was unmissable! The experience was amazing.

Luke and I opted to attend for just one day and got to listen to some of Australias best photographers...
We saw Andris Apse' amazing landscape photography and heard about how he captured some of them - you wouldn't beleive some of his stories; we learnt lighting tips and tricks from the lighting guru Rocco Ancora; Tony Hewitt ran us through a refresher on client communication; and lastly, while Luke heard from Nick Ghionis, I went to an intimate workshop with Susan Bryce and learnt the in's and out's of her highly regarded posing techniques. Bliss.

Yeh we are photography geeks and loved every minute of it...

(Yep, we're cool :S)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Douglas | Adelaide Newborn Photographer

Douglas – 5ish weeks!

It’s inevitable that baby Douglas has ended up on my blog again! Thanks to many requests for updates from Dougs’ family and friends over Australia and the US, he will be making regular appearances from now on.

I’m totally not biased…is he not the most handsome baby?!

This was just a quick little photo shoot from a few weeks ago and Dougs was so well behaved considering he was WIDE awake and hungry.

Like every little baby he is growing and changing so fast, his little cheeks and belly are filling out and he is starting to look around at all his suroundings and makes little mouth movements (I like to think that he is actually smiling at me!). 
Please be sure to email this post link or share it on FB so that all of Dougs' family and friends can check him out!

Seriously, check out that face!!

Poor baby, he was getting a tad hungry!!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Things I love...Organisation + Green and Pink Planners

Obviously organisation deserves to be a 'thing I love'.  I love organising (Just ask Luke!) - I'm an avid list maker and cupboard re-arranger. There is no way organisation can be a BAD thing… but it can be better and I'm always looking for something to re-organise!

Organisation became a lot better for me when I was looking through the Kikki K catalogue and spied this super cute planner/organiser. It screams “Megan” and I had to have it. I even bought a MATCHING pen to complete the set (I usually hate up-sellers but really the planner needed a matching pen!)

Even though the dates in it don’t start until 15th December, I have already started filling it with addresses, websites, bookings (Yes - Already booking for early 2012) and everything else photography related. It has been my constant companion for the last few weeks and I don’t know how I ever managed without it!

I’m one of those people that HAS to have a cute planner and never had a need for one so I would buy one and get through half of January before I retired it to a desk drawer! However I’m determined to use this for the entire year and I am 100% certain that I will be more organised solely because of the fact that my planner is CUTE and looks fabulous in (and out!) of my handbag. I love it and hopefully it will keep my busy life straight this year!

You really didn’t need to hear about my cute planner…. but doesn’t it just make you want to go buy out Kikki K’s whole stationary section?!  Cute paper and notebooks and organisers...I love them.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Coastlens Photography Meet-Up | Adelaide Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday, after photographing a gorgeous boys’ Christening (photos still to come), Luke and I headed to the Wittunga Botanic Gardens for some Coastlens Photography Group fun!
Two gorgeous couples volunteered to jump back into their wedding outfits and be paparazzi-ed by our group.
A big thank you to Simone for doing hair and make-up (the girls looked stunning) and an even bigger thank you to both couples, you all looked great and I had a ton of fun with you all.

Hope you all enjoy the images. xx

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