Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Isabella | Adelaide Newborn Photographer

Oh goodness, this little lady is perfect. She is the adorable daughter of our good friends. Perfect skin, her Daddy's little chin, the way she looks at her parents when she hears their voices and of course her 'rapper' arms - all precious memories which make this little lady just devine.

We had a quick little photoshoot a few weeks ago. It didn't last long, she was hungry...and noone likes a hungry girl.

A big thank you to her lovely parents Jonathon and Sarah - she is gorgeous and I can't wait to take photos of her at each stage of her life. x

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Douglas | Adelaide Newborn Photographer

I love this boy so much more than I could ever imagine...he is my sister and brother-in-law's beautiful baby Douglas. He made a surprise early entrance into the world but is the perfect picture of health.
The sweetest thing? His middle name is 'Fox', love it.

He has the softest skin, a little button nose and dimples that will one day make pretty girls swoon...

His first look at one of his Nanny's

Seeing his world through the humicrib...

Missing his Mummy

Check out that dimple! Just like his Daddy.

With his favourite Auntie Megan.

This is one for the 21st photo board, after his Nanny dressed him in a PINK hat. Lucky he is handsome enough to pull it off!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have fallen in love with typography prints. Loving the colour, inspiration and uplifing quotes, simple design and the creative type.

The best part? They are cheap and make great gifts :)

These designs make me want to cover all my walls in prints...

Image of A Positive Dose Prints 11" x 17"

By Bylee Design

Be You...




From my favourite...Coulson Macleod

Friday, September 16, 2011

Beautifulness - Part 2

 I believe there are two types of people. Dog people or cat people. I am a dog person.

Show me any dog and I will ohh and ahh over it and shower it with love. Cats however I can take or leave...Except this one.

This is my parents neighbours cat Mustafa (yup, from the Lion King) and he is the most cuddly, soft, snuggly, trusting cat I've ever met. He made friends with my Mum when she was out in the garden one day and has adopted her. He walks in my parents front door like he's a member of the family, eats whatever is put in front of him, and will jump up and fall asleep on ANYONES lap.

I think he may just be a dog in a cat's body...

He wouldn't even stay still long enough for a photo because he likes to be close to humans so whenever I got down to take a photo he would walk right up to the camera...

He was purring in this picture I swear!!

Some peach tree prettiness.

I don't like Echidnas (you can see why here). This one was also on the road until I yelled at Luke to pull over, turn on the hazards and I jumped out camera in hand. The native started running. Fast.

We are so lucky to live near amazing bush like this...Baileys Rocks

How cute is my Mum?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beautifulness - Part 1

Is that even a word? Well even if it isn't, my super long weekend was full of it - beautiful new babies, family and friends, nature, and down time.

Luke and I drove down to Mt Gambier to visit my family again. First stop was to visit my cousins new bundle of preciousness (um, don't think this is a word either), Oliver Fox. He is as cute as a button...

This is me having cuddle time...

...and me ready to give him back!

Luke also wanted to take some landscapes at the coast of Port MacDonnell - where there is nothing between the beach and Antarctica. I'm not a big fan of landscapes but I had a little dabble...