Thursday, September 01, 2011


I’m becoming to realise that spring is my favourite season of year. I love the spring blossoms and seeing all the bulbs emerge, being able to take that extra blanket off the bed (a faux fur one in my case – ohhh it is so cuddly and warm!), open the windows and spring cleaning - oh yes, I love me some spring cleaning!! And the fact that summer is right around the corner excites me like a little kid.
When I was little I used to love the winter. I think because I was born in winter I felt like I had to love it and I would spend all my winters huddled up in front of the wood fire while watching the rain and hail bucket down outside and listen to thunderstorms, tucked up in bed at night. I still love that but I hate the cold now – I would much rather feel the warm sun on my skin.

Welcome to 2011 Spring.
I’m such a girly, girl. I love blossoms like this...

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