Saturday, August 27, 2011

The big two six

Oh yes it’s the best time of year again. Tomorow is the day, 26 years ago, that I was born.  I love birthdays – the cake, the singing, the cake, the presents, oh and the cake!

Favourite things about my birthday:

1. The arrival of the perpetual birthday card - My friend and I have an ongoing Bday card that we begun when we were has gone across the world and back in the last 5 years following us on our adventures.

2. The birthday dinner tradition - A friend and I have been out for chicken snitzel parmagianas, raspberry soft drink, followed by chocolate dessert every year since we first met at university. This dinner is NEVER missed.
I’m not a huge fan of being the centre of attention and like to keep things on the quiet side - this year I celebrated with dinner with family and tomorrow will be spent seeing friends, relaxing and eating cake.

I have some AMAZING friends...these gorgeous tulips arrived at my work yesterday from

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