Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Type A | Megan Lesley in a nutshell

I love reading about different personality types and trying to work out which box I'm somehow supposed to slot into. Usually I find myself on the fence with different types...until I came across this....and yep it is me in a nutshell...

The Type A is a normal person operating at his maximum possible speed.

He She wants to achieve a big goal but he she thinks that time is very limited and this results in the following behaviour:
* Exaggerated Sense of time urgency: thinks that time is running out and since his her goals are too big, always races with time; if you want to lose a type A in few days then waste his her time (you should hear me when I'm waiting for Luke to get ready to go somewhere! Haha)

* Competitiveness: he she considers everything to be a challenge within herself.

* Multitasking: can handle more tasks at the same time than a computer can; involved in 5+ unrelated activities while performing well at all.

* The Price for Over Achievement: subject to tremendous amounts of stress. always running, having lots of things to do & racing with time.

•    Obsessed with work, over working Tick
•    Unable to relax, have guilty feeling while doing so Tick
•    Perfectionists Tick Tick Tick
•    Self challenging, very competitive Tick
•    ImpatientTick
•    Strongly achievement oriented Tick
•    Have no time for self Tick
•    Time conscious and always in hurry, detest delays Tick
•    Always planning something or the other Tick
•    Calculative, business-like Tick
•    Does not notice and unable to appreciate simple things Tick

All of the above is so true about me. I love to be doing something ALL the time and hate sitting still because i'm not acheiving something. Doing a million things at once and getting dissapointed if I can't fit in everything in happens to me on a daily basis. Always rushing aginst the clock, with lofty goals. Yes, it's definatley me alright!

In the last 12 months though this built up and then bought me to a grinding halt...burn out, stress, anxiety and a total lack of focus. These factors have contributed to me forcing myself to breathe, slow down, focus on the important things in life and to take time to enjoy life.

Big changes in my personal life are on the cards for 2012.Starting with new photography opportunities thanks to some wonderful photographers I have met and a new day job with fantastic employess -2012 will be the year when I enjoy...well...everything. And it is going to be grand.

Yes, very grand.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Wooden Trunk

A lone wooden box. Plain. Worn out. Rusty keyholes. It has been in my parents' home for as long as I remember.

Sometimes the simplest possessions have the greatest stories. The wooden box is very special to my family. It once belonged to my Great Great Grandfather and was the luggage trunk he used to bring all his worldly goods to Australia from England in the 19th century.

The box now sits in my parents lounge room. It holds something different now. Piano and singing books, some pianola rolls and loose sheet music.

Opening it up to retrieve some music while I was visiting, I noticed a whole lot of stamps. We don't know where they are from or how they came to be there. I like to think that maybe they are connected to the story of the old trunk.

I love family history. I love my family.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tea for Two | Styled Shoot - Megan Lesley Photography

At the beginning of the new year I had a road trip down to Mt Gambier to visit my parents. What do you do when your parents have a house full of gorgeous family antiques and your Mum is installing a country kitchen and collecting all sorts of quirky items to put in it? You put some of them on the front lawn and go crazy with your camera!
The only thing getting in my way was the neighbours cat who thinks he is a dog...or a person...not sure which (He is also the suspected 'Daddy' to little Mary-Jane...see the resemblance?)!

Megan xx

These gorgeous china cups and saucers are not just super pretty they are also family heirlooms...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Meet Mary-Jane | Adelaide Photographer

I believe there are two types of people. Cat people. Dog people. I am a dog person.

Just ask Luke - I will point out any dog from miles away and coo 'Ohhh look at the puppy!'. Ill pat any dog which comes close enough to me and I can't help but always tell the owners they have a gorgeous dog/puppy/fluff ball. Yep, I'm dog person.

Cats on the other hand are another story... I'm a cuddler...and as most cats aren't, we are destined to not be friends. I like when pets show love and independant cats who only come near me when they're hungry just aren't my thing. When I was a baby our family cat jumped in my cot and scratched my face (my Mum still likes to point out the scar to everyone although noone but her can see it!!) and my relationships with cats took a downturn from then on. Then to add to the 'Why Megan doesn't like cats story', I was living with my sister and brother-in-law and their cat would make me chase it around my room and have a stand-off under my bed every morning until I could get him out and shut the door before leaving for work!

While visiting my parents farm I took a few shots of my Mum's new kitten Mary-Jane. She looks innocent but she chews cords...laptop cords, TV cords, hood cords on jumpers, extension cords, ANY cord!  Mary-Jane is super cuddly and loves following my Mum everywhere!

She is the result of what happens when both of your neighbours cats get together! Hence why she looks just like Mustafa who pestered me while I photographed my styled shoot (photos to come).

Her fur is so gorgeous and fuzzy and I can't help but like her...a lot.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Mark + Ashleigh | Adelaide Portrait Photographer

Mark and Ashleigh are good friends of ours and we decided to head down to Largs bay on a warm evening, have dinner and maybe take some photos in the setting sunlight.

Ohh gosh, the sun was SO gorgeous, I love summer evenings spent by the beach in Adelaide - we are so lucky to live here.

We had a great time, more mucking around then actual posed pictures but luckily got a few goodies :)

Check out the photos below...x