Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Erin + Aidan | Adelaide Children's Photographer

When my work friend Lizzy asked if I could photograph her neice and nephew I jumped at the chance. I'd seen their cute little faces in a photo at her desk and who can pass up playing with little ones!?
We met at Lizzy's parents house, I drove up their drive and knew it was going to be a great place for portraits - huge garden with lots of different areas.
Inside, I met Erin and Aiden and oh gosh, they were little cuties! Erin showed me her cabbage patch baby and stole my heart (I am a cabbage patch lover from way back - I own 5!).

We ventured outside and they both hammed it up for the camera - such cheeky grins and they loved checking out their pics on the LCD screen. Hope you enjoy seeing their little faces as they add some sunshine to your day :)

A big thank you to Sally for letting me take these sweet photos...

They love their Nanna, adorable!

I swear this girl will end up on the stage, she loves the camera. And the camera loves her...


  1. Hi Megan it was great to have you around at mums to take these fantastic photos. You got along with the kids really well and we had a great time. Thanks

  2. heheh love the caterpillar one ^_^ soo cute!