Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Long overdue catch-up...

Life for us lately has been crazy. As some of you know, we recently bought our first house and the whole moving house process took more time and energy than we estimated. We have been in our house for five weeks now and that time has absolutely flown by!

I completely let my blogging go by the wayside and now I am getting back on the blog wagon. I have a ton of things to blog about including a gorgeous maternity session (she is now a Mummy!), a sweet newborn session and plenty of gossip about the adventures Luke + have been up to!

Luke + I are also gearing up for the amazing 6 months ahead which includes three weddings. We are so excited and honoured to be photographing the special days of these three couples. Our next wedding will be in November and we cannot wait! Not long to go now Jess!!

For now, here are a few phone pics for a quick update of the last few months!

1. Birthday flowers from my lovley workmates
2. Cute business stationary I bought from Etsy (Etsy is my new love...)
3. Little Dougs loving his first Babycino
4. Dougs turned ONE
5. My solo expedition to spend almost out of date gift cards was a resounding success!
6. Luke & I road-tripping
7. Spent a weekend away in McLaren Vale
8. The amazing view we woke up to in MV(my phone didn't do it justice!)
9. Moving Day! We finally made the big move!

1. The morning view from our new house
2. Gumtree addict! This wine rack was $30 and I plan to paint it up and make it pretty. Other gumtree purchases lately have included bedside tables, lamps and cane outdoor furniture!
3. Our "pet" duck Olive. We found her nesting in our pergola fernery - fingers crossed we will be home when her ducklings hatch!
4. Lukes handiwork, the makeshift doorbell.
5. Tiny part of the swordfern forest in our backyard conqured.
6. Roses from our garden. Was originally going to pull those prickly suckers out but now they have bloomed I've changed my mind.
7. Cheeky Dougs
8. Dinner! This is what I "cook" when Luke is on nightshift
9. Us