Friday, September 16, 2011

Beautifulness - Part 2

 I believe there are two types of people. Dog people or cat people. I am a dog person.

Show me any dog and I will ohh and ahh over it and shower it with love. Cats however I can take or leave...Except this one.

This is my parents neighbours cat Mustafa (yup, from the Lion King) and he is the most cuddly, soft, snuggly, trusting cat I've ever met. He made friends with my Mum when she was out in the garden one day and has adopted her. He walks in my parents front door like he's a member of the family, eats whatever is put in front of him, and will jump up and fall asleep on ANYONES lap.

I think he may just be a dog in a cat's body...

He wouldn't even stay still long enough for a photo because he likes to be close to humans so whenever I got down to take a photo he would walk right up to the camera...

He was purring in this picture I swear!!

Some peach tree prettiness.

I don't like Echidnas (you can see why here). This one was also on the road until I yelled at Luke to pull over, turn on the hazards and I jumped out camera in hand. The native started running. Fast.

We are so lucky to live near amazing bush like this...Baileys Rocks

How cute is my Mum?

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