Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meet Eriksen
Puppy Love

Ever since I left home (for those playing at home, that's 10 years!!!) I have wanted my own puppy. I knew it wasn't going to be possible for quite a while, so I made do. At uni I had my goldfish Chevonne to keep me company...and after her departure, my black goldfish (blackfish??) Trevor. After graduating I was fortunate enough to board with my Sister and her Husband and their cat Mal, and then I lived by myself with no pets allowed.

Throughout all of those years I had decided to name my dog 'Olive' when 'she' eventually came into my life! Eveyone I knew would talk to me about how great it would be to get 'Olive' and how 'Olive' and I could go to dog parks and to the beach...

Fast forward to 2012 and Luke and I purchased our first home, which happens to be in a perfect spot to have a pet! We have a huge backyard and there are walking/bike paths really close where we see dogs all the time! Having an empty backyard made me clucky (or woofy?) for a fur-baby. So I let Luke marinate on the subject while I began my research.

Then one day I found him. He was a golden spoodle puppy and so new that he hadn't even opened his eyes...we (I) decided we had to have him. He came to live with us in early January and already we can't imagine our house without him.

His full name is Eriksen Fox Whitten. His first name is the name of the family who built our house. The house we love and where our story begins.

A few things about our little Erik:
  • He hates to be in a room alone and follows us everywhere
  • He is smart. Already he can sit on command and is nearly toilet trained
  • His blue/green eyes that matched Lukes are slowly getting darker.
  • His suitcase bed is right next to Luke so that at night when he needs settling Luke can reach down and pat him...or get his fingers munched on
  • Favourite toy? A little teddy bear that used to be the same colour of him but is now grey...
  • He LOVES the water...its the Spaniel in him
  • He squeaks like he should belong on the Sooty and Sweep show (never seen it? Check it out here)
  • His floppy ears? They are adorable when he gallops and they fly up and down.
  • When he sleeps he likes to nestle his face into a comfy spot, usually either the crook of your arm or between a cushion and the couch.
  • Already he is loving having his tummy scratched...we are betting this will be a lifelong love!
  • At preschool he is the youngest, smallest and most timid. He is the little fluff ball that hides behind our legs while the big boxer/border collie/german short-haired pointers play and run.
Check him out, isn't he gorgeous?

His gorgeous brown nose, curly tail and ringlets on his ears!

We love you Erik!

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