Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wedding Planning with Pinterest...

Things certainly have changed for Brides these days. It was only a few years back that wedding magazines were passed from the new Bride down to the newly engaged (Yeh, I've seen this first hand - an office filled with mid-20's females and the piles of magazines being transferred from desk to desk). The real weddings were drooled over and the wedding tips were scoured – it was a wedding planning dreamworld.

Brides today are still running down to the newsagent the second they get their shiny diamond (I know I will!) to get their hands on the latest mag, these days, this is just the first step. Brides today have SO much to think about besides the dress and bouquet… there is the theme, colour palette, the perfect vintage accessories, DIY projects, details, THE perfect shoes!
This may overwhelming but to others this is where it gets exciting! I’m not sure when I first got introduced to Pinterest but after an initial introduction I put it to the side. Then after a while I got back into it and saw it for much more than a whole lotta pictures.
Pinterest is a social media platform used to share and organize inspiration. I use it as inspiration for my photography, fashions I love, receipes I want to try and...ideas my future wedding (I'm a geek!!). It is fast becoming one of the most popular social networking sites.
However, more and more Brides are now using it to bring their wedding dream to life. It is a wedding game changer. The best part? You can also now get the app on your phone! You can take pictures and pin them to your boards from anywhere and access all of your boards on the go if you need inspiration while shopping!
Having these boards at your fingertips makes communicating with your Mum or Bridesmaids so much easier…and more fun! When you find photos that you love, you can pin them into your own inspiration board so that it’s easy to find later and helps you to visualize your day as all your ideas are in one place, all together. Many of my newly engaged friends have bridesmaids’ interstate (or across the ocean!) so it makes sharing ideas with them easy as pie!
My favourite part of Pinterest is that you can search on anything from DIY wedding projects, vintage gowns, sequin shoes, vineyard weddings...really anything your heart desires! I tackled some DIY Pinterest projects back at Christmas time, you can see them here.

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Attended a little DIY Wedding Invite workshop earlier in the week with a good friend and we got to make some cute invites!

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