Wednesday, May 09, 2012

An ode to my girls...

A little love note to my favourite girls in the whole wide world...

At this moment in time you are all spread over Australia, the world and just down the road. I don’t need to name names; you all know who you are. Gosh, I met some of you when I was five years old (wow, 21 years ago! Eep!) while others I have only known for a few years or less...but I love you all the same. You all know me so, so well and I know I can be myself when I’m with you.

Primary school, high school, Uni, Uni Housing, work, singing, sport, friends of friends...I’ve met you all in different places and moments in time but you all have your similarities; genuine, intelligent, humorous, talkative (!), beautiful, caring, risk-taking. Yup, I’m so lucky and blessed to have so many amazing women to turn to J

It makes me so happy to see you all embarking on amazing careers, taking risks, starting families and I'm so happy to be able to share all these amazing times with you and hear all of your wonderful stories. You are the girls who I can email, Facebook, call or visit without any reason and I know I will be welcome with open arms. Even though our lives have changed and we have may taken different directions we are still the same and when we see each other it’s like no time has passed…that’s my favourite part.

 Some of you I have been SUPER close with but our relationships have grown, changed, morphed or whatever you want to call it but we are STILL friends and I can still call you one of my closest even though we may only chat a few times a year. Some of you I have spent all day with and still emailed you multiple times a day even though you are less than 10 steps away. I was merely acquaintances with a few of you until circumstances changed and pulled us together to be friends for life (Yes, you know this is you Jenna!).

 I know I'm not the best long-distance friend. I don't email often, we may only catch up after it's been too long, but regardless of how we met, how we keep in contact or how often we see each other I just want you all to know that I love you, I value you, I miss you.

 Love you all,


One of my best friends in the world has left Adelaide. She’s moved to Melbourne where a fantastic career opportunity opened up for her. She is now closer to her family, surrounded by supportive friends and another world has opened up for her. It’s bittersweet for me – I’m super excited for her but at the same time sad that I am without her!

She is the girl I call first when I’m in a car accident, I’ve spent numerous times in Emergency with, who crawled around on a busy nightclub floor looking for my lost bag, whose shoulder I cry on and who picked me up when I had overindulged and she looked after me. We have taken mini holidays together, been each other’s ‘plus one’, shared each other’s clothes /books /food /friends /furniture /cars and slept in each other’s beds.

 Here are a few photos us – I needed to document our final days together J

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