Sunday, December 25, 2011

Things I love | A Crafty Christmas

Inspired by my Pinterest addiction (follow me here) and Luke not letting me to restore old furniture ('But I really, really, really want tooooo!'), I started doing some crafts. Now, don't get me wrong I am no Martha Stewart...I can't operate a sewing machine without having someone guiding over my shoulder and I'm basically banned from our kitchen.

Not surprisingly, when I came home armed with spray paint, a hot glue gun, fabric and sticks I found in our neighbours front yard Luke got worried. Very worried.

I got straight to work on my little creations!

Since we live in a unit and aren't hosting Christmas we figured it would be too much of a hassle to buy and store a Christmas tree all.year.long. So instead I made one! Spray painting twigs and dangling a few baubles is the easiest thing ever and the best thing about it? It can go straight in the bin once the festivities are over!

I was also chomping at the bit to make these pom pom things I had seen. I'm pretty sure they are supposed to be a wedding decoration, but hey, I wanted to try it out! So far I have only made a blue one but I'll be firing up the gun again soon to complete the set with mini brown and cream ones.

My little headband was next on the 'crafts to do' list! I love it and it was super easy too. I made the flowers in about 5 mins, stuck them onto a headband I never wear and then wore it out to lunch an hour later!

Inspired by this and not wanting to spend 195 pounds on it, I picked my favourite flavour of the month saying 'The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time', bought some wooden letters and a canvas (Cheap as Chips and The Reject Shop have cheap ones) and voila!

Lastly...I entered the kitchen and braved the oven! I made chocolate spiders and oat cookies. I won't go into the whole charade but the spiders require no cooking and the cookies aren't great if you ask Luke. BUT the reason they are on the blog is because I wanted to photograph the little cake stand that I scored when my Nan was cleaning out her cupboards. It is darling!

I'm all crafted out now but I'll get back into it in a few days time...these are so many great ideas out there to try!!


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