Friday, October 07, 2011

The next big leap. My WEBSITE is here!

After many, many long nights of deciding, designing, cropping, colouring, writing, and reading my website is finished. It was the next logical step to my small business as it’s the landing place for clients to find out about me, my photography and everything in between. My blog is staying put and will still showcase my photography shoots and personal ramblings (you can now find it at
Although I am an early-to-bed kind of girl I've had sooooo many late nights, with a few midnight runs to Maccas for Hot Apple Pies (my favourite!!), I loved designing this site so much. It became my ‘baby’ as I tweaked and edited, always trying to perfect something!
So go and have a visit, check it out, tell your friends (word of mouth is amazing for photographers J), and let me know what you think.
Much love,
Megan Lesley

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