Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trespassing on Bradley Barge

'I'm going even if you don't want to...'

I am the kind of girl who will NEVER be left behind and if you trespass...well...I am happy to too. So that's how Luke and I ended up getting up close and personal with the Barge named Bradley after squeezing past the fence. I am such a goody-goody that every car that passed and every voice I heard made me look up, expecting to get turfed out.

I loved every minute of it - the sunlight was ah-mazing and made the colours (well rust) so vibrant. I had an urge to go down to Port Adelaide earlier in the morning to capture some industrial black and whites but it rained fairly steadily. In the arvo after needing to un-coup and get fresh air we decided to head down to the Port even if we didn't get our cameras out.

When we came across the barge and after I saw the colours my camera was producing I got giddy with excitment. I'm really happy and proud with the pics I ended up with so prepare yourself - this is going to be a loooonnnggg post...enjoy.

We had a quick coffee at Cafe Foreyou on Lipson to perk us up for the upcoming session and they had crayons! So fun :)

Coffee shop fun...yes I felt like a 12yr old writing this!

I have a fascination with architecture and period this doorknob

Classic! Pair of pidgeons!!

Love the colours from the digger thing that was on the barge...

Luke was worried I would catch tetanus from this rusty screw

There was also a caravan on the barge...umm weird!

How gorgeous was the sunset?!

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  1. Beautiful photos I'm glad you got to shoot these and being a port girl through and through I often feel that the port gets a bad rep but how could you say anything bad about Port Adelaide with such amazing pics like these?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Carrie x