Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brooke | Adelaide Photographer

So excited to have finally been able to photograph my gorgeous friend Brooke!
Brooke and I met around 7 years ago (wow - doesn't seem quite that long ago) at uni where we were both living on campus. Although we were studying completely different degrees (her - forensic and analytical chemisty, me - commerce + banking and international finance) we became firm friends and were attached to the hip.

She is the friend who I know I can call and she will come running. We've accumulated many, many memories together over the years and I'm know there will be more to be made in the future. Brooke, you know I love you and we will be friends forever. x

"ohhhhh, a lemon tree!" I squeeled when I saw this shot in my brain. After looking at me like I was an idiot Brooke happily walked into this persons front yard and under their lemon tree...

See Luke and Brooke - this is the photo I wanted!!! I wasn't being a weirdo when I suggested the laundromat! Also, I'm fully aware that it's style doesn't fit in with the rest of the shoot :)

Haha spiky bush up the bum! Was worth it for the 'model' shot on the right...

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