Friday, September 07, 2012


When life gets busy, hectic and full-on, escaping to the country is the best way to relax, unwind and forget all the worries.

Luke and I both work full-time day jobs which leaves us the weekends to book photo shoots, Weddings and Christenings and after work during the week to meet with clients, edit photos, update the blog, update the website, plus all the other business things - researching new gear we need, organising marketing and client packs, re-visiting pricing...yup, you get the idea!

June and July had been full-on for us to say the least, we had been working our butts off and we were scared of a burn-out. So on the first weekend we had free we did what we do best...we got in the car and went road-tripping!

The best plan is 'no real plan' and Luke suggested we decided to head in the direction of Burra. We put on our trackies and runners, bought some snacks for the car, packed up our cameras and headed North.

We spent the day driving a 4wd tourist drive, lunching, winery-ing, and enjoying.


p.s. Right now, we are having another weekend getaway in McLaren Vale...a much needed and deserved break before we move into our new abode!

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