Saturday, September 22, 2012

The end of the Emilie era...

One week ago today was Moving Day! We had the truck hired and the boxes packed.

It was a little bittersweet leaving that teensy, tiny unit and moving into our new house. The end of our renting days (that's the sweet bit!), but moving on is the start of a new and exciting era. In a way our decision to buy a house together is cementing our relationship. We believe we don't have to have rings to know we will be together forever and buying a house means the world to us.

The red brick 1960's unit was where our relationship grew, where our relationship once 'broke' and where it was mended again. We moved in there two years ago after being together for a mere five months with the attitude 'well, if our relationship doesn't last, we can break the lease and move on'. Now, after some amazing times together - holidays, business ventures, funny mishaps we have packed up all our fond memories and have moved on and out!

We made so many memories and 3/35 Emilie Street will always be where 'we' started.

I came across this little quote and thought how profound. This sums up how I felt about leaving Emilie Street. Our relationship, as well as us as people, will be growing, changing and will never be what it was when we first moved into that little space.

so true <3

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