Monday, August 13, 2012

House-hunting, jonquils and why I want a mortgage

House hunting. It sounds as overwhelming as it is. Hunting for a house that you will live in day-in and day-out.

When I was younger I used to dream about the day I could choose where to live. I've always loved architecture and would day-dream out of the car window at various houses and what it would be like to live in them one day. I'd pick which mansion I would choose to live in and who I would live there with (my brain surgeon husband of course!).

Six months ago, Luke and I embarked on searching for our 'Great Australian Dream'. It was fun to begin we pictured ourselves in this house and that. We emailed each other daily 'ohhh this is nice, what do you think?'. Then life got in the way and house-hunting got put on the backburner. A few months ago we picked up where we left off and we have discovered that we aren't cut out for house-hunting! Weekends spent at open houses, talking about properties and researching the market is tedious, and quite frankly, I'm over it! Why can't I just pick a house off the shelf, take it to the counter and pay my money?

We are very close to becoming house owners. We hope that the house we choose will be 'us' - unique, light, bright, on a big block and somewhere we can see ourselves making into a home. It's exciting but nerve racking! We are ready for the mortgage, the painting, the gardening and to enter the next stage of our lives as home owners!
Why I'm keen as mustard to have a mortgage:
  • A backyard. You know that bit of grass that requires mowing and plants that need watering...yeh I love that!
  • I'm clucky for a puppy! It will roam the manicured backyard.
  • We will have STORAGE. Whether our house comes with cupboards/wardrobes or we have to build them...we WILL have storage.
  • Storage will mean Luke will be encouraged to minimise his useage of the dreaded 'floordrobe'
  • We'll have both of our cars off the street. Up until now our elderly neighbours have let us park our second car in their carport, but alas they have moved out!
  • Kitchens are important. Our teensy tiny poor excuse for a kitchen will be replaced by a room two people can actually use together (we hope!)
  • We will have a proper home office - this one is pretty high on Lukes list, at the moment there are papers, stationary, camera accessories sprawled out over both of our drives the OCD in me to breaking point!
The one thing I might miss when we move out? These pretty windows and the jonquils growing in our tiny garden. These pictures remind me of my childhood cubby house...

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