Thursday, August 16, 2012

Boys toys...

'Argh, it's our two year anniversary and I have to buy him a present!' I instantly knew I would be zero help to my friend in need!

Although I couldn't help her at did confirm to me that I'm not the only one who has problems thinking of what to buy guys. Socks and jocks are the first things that spring to my female mind - but what young (or not so young) guy wants to invite their friends around to play with their socks and jocks?

Birthdays, Christmas' and Fathers Day's always roll around with the dreaded 'what am I gonna buy!'

Thankfully Pinterest came to the rescue for Lukes birthday last month. We usually buy ourselves joint gifts of camera or house things as our birthdays are only a month apart. This year? Luke has booked us a little weekend away. I still wanted to get him something little for the day, so I went down the novelty item road. Luckily I found something perfect which rolls two of Luke's favourite things and alcohol...hello camera flask!!

And now, back to the drawing board for Christmas!


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