Saturday, December 10, 2011

Inspired By...

Over my short time as a photographer I have absolutely IMERSED myself in reading, googling, watching, surfing, drooling over, and practising all things photography.

I have come across so many photographers who motivate and inspire me and have me addicted to stalking reading their blogs and learning as much as I can from them.
The following women are the ones I turn to when I’m in need of new creative energy, have played a big role in how my business is developing and have moulded my attitude to photography.

They are all YOUNG, FUN, TALENTED, SUCESSFUL, BUSINESS MINDED, WOMEN. All the things I aspire to become on my photography journey. Another point to mention about all of these women is that they are all Type-A personalities...and yup, I am a proud Type A too :) (Don't know what type A is? google it!)

Firstly is Jasmine Star. She is the first photography blog I read from beginning to end. She has a bubbly, positive attitude which draws people in and has a generous heart when it comes to helping out up and coming photographers getting started in the industry. Her blog is a huge inspiration, filled with tons of photo shoots, FAQ’s and personal ramblings about what is happening in her day-to-day life.
She is a also a contributor to Creative Live where she has shared information about how she got started in the industry and even had the cameras follow her for a five day wedding workshop (Luke and I have seen this beginning to end – if you are a photographer and haven’t seen it then I suggest you do!). The thing I love most about J* is that her husband JD is her business partner and second-shooter. I love to dream about the day when Luke and I can be in business together!!

Next up is Jamie Delaine. She is such an inspiration as she started out her business at just 16years old when she was in High School! She has such an eclective style which is evident in her photography, her taste in music and her travels. Her strong sense of self shows through her fresh branding and she likes to bend the rules on her shoots. She too is bubbly and shares business advice with other photographers through her blog which she is addicted to updating.

Lastly is Katelyn James. This girl is full of Southern charm and happiness. He blogs are always FULL of photos and makes me want to go out and photograph everything I possibly can. She is also so creative, always posting about wedding ideas, crafts she has made, and wedding albums she is designing. She has a design background and this is so evident in her amazing branding which flows from her website, blog and her packaging.

The work of these three photographers always inspires me and looking at their gorgeous imagery makes me want to go out and make beautiful art!  I sometimes see their photography and think to myself, “I’ll NEVER be that good.” But everyone has to start somewhere and I know I’m just at the beginning of my journey.
These women motivate me to get a little bit BETTER, LEARN a little bit more, and PUSH myself a little bit further.

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  1. let me clarify! I'm not on drugs! haha That's a video screenshot caught at a rather awkward moment! :):) no worries, it's hard to catch a good screenshot of a video! :) Megan you are so sweet to include me in this post with such amazing women! Jasmine and Jamie are two of my favs as well! xoxoxo