Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Douglas | Adelaide Newborn Photographer

Douglas – 5ish weeks!

It’s inevitable that baby Douglas has ended up on my blog again! Thanks to many requests for updates from Dougs’ family and friends over Australia and the US, he will be making regular appearances from now on.

I’m totally not biased…is he not the most handsome baby?!

This was just a quick little photo shoot from a few weeks ago and Dougs was so well behaved considering he was WIDE awake and hungry.

Like every little baby he is growing and changing so fast, his little cheeks and belly are filling out and he is starting to look around at all his suroundings and makes little mouth movements (I like to think that he is actually smiling at me!). 
Please be sure to email this post link or share it on FB so that all of Dougs' family and friends can check him out!

Seriously, check out that face!!

Poor baby, he was getting a tad hungry!!


  1. Thanks Megan, you've really captured Doug's expressions beautifully for everyone to share with me. Xxx Bridy

  2. Such beautiful photos.....He is so handsome. Cant wait till Xmas for more cuddles. Love Nanny!!