Tuesday, May 28, 2013

James Day Wedding Workshop - Part 2
James Day Photography Workshop, Stanwell Park, NSW

I've dropped the ball on the blogging lately. I begin with grand plans that I will blog so many times a week and then my plans get lost and forgotten. I admit defeat way too early and think 'well I haven't blogged in a week, what's a few more days!' which is a terrible attitude and mindset to have.

I resolve to fix this once and for all and will be 'penciling in' blogging time. Luke and I also want to have more time together with our cameras - whether its a day trip to somewhere exciting or just taking Erik Bear out for a walk so there will be no excuses for having nothing to blog about!

While I've been MIA on the blogging front we have been hard at work in our backyard trying to do as much as we can before the weather turns too cold and wet. We have been planting fruit trees and have started work on our chicken shed. I hope to have some before and after photos to show someday soon!
Back to todays content - Part 2 of the amazing workshop I went to in February hosted by the talented James Day - you can read Part 1 here :)

Day one continued with our second lovely couple who were brave enough to jump into a close-by lake...it looked a tiny bit scary but made for some truly beautiful photos. The day slowly turned into night and we met Ryan Schembri of Schembri Studios. He showed us some lighting techniques and we shot late into the night playing with ice lights.

Megan xx

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