Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Douglas - 6 months | Adelaide Photographer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I love this boy. He is a touch over six months old now and is now well and truly in the ‘fun’ stage. He loves to roll around, play with his toes and toys, giggle, snuggle, copy and talk! Boy, does he like to talk...with lots of goos and buhhhhs!
Word has it that I’m not biased when I say he is the cutest bubba on the block, strangers smile and Dougs in the shops and he always beams a smile back!
He is filling out a lot now and he is getting heavy! His chubbiness is overwhelmingly cute, from his chubby cheeks right and his 'barely there' hair down to his chubby toes.
Plan A was to try a little session with some fun moustaches but alas I had left it too long and we couldn’t manage to stop him putting them in his drool filled mouth. So plan B? To have him play with his little wooden toys.
What a cutie pie!

Playing with his Mumma, my sister Bridy...

I'm sure this is the look I will continue to get now whenever I put my camera in his face...

Kisses from his Nanny...

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