Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tabitha Foundation | Cambodia March 2013

It’s something I have been thinking, dreaming, mulling, contemplating and researching for quite a while. To have such a fortunate life that I can use to help, encourage and educate others is such a lucky thing. Why would I not do something to benefit others?

It started for me a few years ago. Back in my single days in fact. I had finished University and was working a 9-5 office job. Thinking to myself that there must be more to life than sitting here and worrying about my own care-free life. I got on the net and typed ‘volunteer abroad’ into that Google search bar. There I read about the experiences of others, looked over their photos of young people in beautiful, remote faraway places. I never took it to the next step – I was too scared. How would I cope? Can I really hack it? What about the food? What about the language barrier? Could I do it alone without someone there to hold my hand? Would the locals want me there? How do I come back to my ordinary job in front of my computer after this kind of experience?

Since then life has moved on and I've had wonderful experiences but volunteering abroad has always been in the back of my mind. I wanted so badly to have the courage, confidence and self-belief to jetset to one of the poorest places on our beautiful Earth alone and help those in need – teaching, caring, building, educating or researching...anything to help.

When I first met Alan and Tina they had recently returned from Cambodia. It was while holidaying in this amazing country they fell in love with the people, the county and felt the need to reach out. They decided that in 2013 they would travel back and help. And help big.
In March next year Luke and I will be traveling to Cambodia with them. We are going to be working side-by-side. We are going to build. We are going to meet. We are going to experience. We are going to be involved. We are going to share. We are going to be rewarded. Most importantly we are going to help.  Working side-by-side with locals to build simple houses and water wells. Two important things needed for a healthy life that I take for granted. This is going to provide ongoing benefits as opposed to merely sending money.

The Tabitha Foundation Australia truly is a life changing organisation for those whose life it touches.
You can read more about the foundation and our project here. Donations are most welcome and our team will be overseeing exactly where the money is going and will be using materials directly bought by you!

Megan Lesley. xx

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