Thursday, February 09, 2012

That day...and why I want to book a flight to the USA. Tomorrow.

They all ask. I can see their minds tick over when we is she an accountant...and a photographer... Yes, my dear friends, you can break the stereotypes and do what you love. My day job of an accountant keeps me on the straight and narrow – all filled with perfection, analysis, logical outcomes and systems. Photography on the other hand is the complete opposite...and that’s why I love it.
I stumbled on a rock and fell into accounting, it is a stable career and good pay, but I never had a ‘burning passion’ that I thought I could build a career on...until that day...
It was only a short year ago...While visiting my parents with my talented photographical boyfriend. I took him for a road trip to see the amazing cliffs and the blowholes that populate the coast near my hometown. He had a DSLR and wanted to get some amazing sunset pictures. It was freezing. It was windy. I learnt that the sun takes a long time to set. I had my trusty Sony Cybershot in my bag so while getting verbally impatient I turned it on and busied myself taking photos of native flowers, my feet, the blowholes, and strangers at the lookouts. I pretended I was super pro and lay down to get a better angle, tilted my camera this way and that. He let me take his camera and take a couple of quick photos. “Oh, those are really good, babe” he mentioned when I showed him some shots. I. Was. Proud.
After a few more of these outings and with Luke irritated that I would always want to borrow his camera he mentioned I should buy my own. Wow. Am I good enough for something with so many buttons? I thought about it long and hard...would I really use it that much? Would it be a waste of money? Do I want to cart around such a bulky bit of technology? Yes. The answer was yes.
My entry-level Nikon ‘baby’ went EVERYWHERE with me from the day it arrived. I started a photo-a-day project and Luke taught me the in’s and out’s of the buttons and settings. He made me watch gazillions of online workshops and we borrowed every photography book from our public library.  
I loved it and couldn’t get enough so I started my own photography blog to share my obsession and posted photos to FB. It snowballed from there. A FaceBook Fan Page, a Showit website, business cards, invoices, client information sheets, newborn props, Pinterest boards...the list goes on. I love photography and I love business. The two mixed together is my dream come true.
Sure, as most of my close friends and family know 2011 was a tough year for me but my photography was there all the time, giving me something to focus on, motivating me every day. I blog stalk my favourite photographers and to be able to read about other talented, strong, independent, business minded young women being so successful at what they love was and still is an inspiration to me.
One of these admirable women is Katelyn James Alsop. She is giving away one free workshop seat to her workshop in March (yep a few short weeks!) and I want it. I want it bad. Sure, I will have to fly for a few days to get there but why not? There is nothing stopping me now.
2012 is going to be a great year for me and when opportunities come knocking you have to open the door...
Why I want to come?
Umm...hello!? I want a holiday to the USA! Just kidding.
To be able to get on a plane and travel half way across the world to attend a one day workshop may seem like a crazy idea...but I want to be pushed outside my comfort zone, I want to learn from someone I admire (both as a woman and as a photographer), I want a day filled with encouragement, learning and bonding with like-minded photographers, I want to give an amazing experience to my clients and I want to build a wonderful business on solid foundations.   
I want a lot of things, but most importantly:
I want to book a flight tomorrow and say ‘I’m going to the USA next month to attend The Workshop Experience with Katelyn James’.
How the workshop will help me and my business right now?
I will be shooting my first wedding as the primary photographer in November 2012. I have begun second-shooting with some wonderful and welcoming photographers and have loved every minute of it. My medium term goal for my business is to be photographing weddings exclusively, full time and I want to set my business up for this to be right at the start. I want to start off on the right foot and attract amazing clients that I will love (and who will love me back!). Giving back to clients through the way I interact, treat them and by having an amazing service is SO important to me.
So, how long does it take to get a Green Card?

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