Thursday, January 12, 2012

Meet Mary-Jane | Adelaide Photographer

I believe there are two types of people. Cat people. Dog people. I am a dog person.

Just ask Luke - I will point out any dog from miles away and coo 'Ohhh look at the puppy!'. Ill pat any dog which comes close enough to me and I can't help but always tell the owners they have a gorgeous dog/puppy/fluff ball. Yep, I'm dog person.

Cats on the other hand are another story... I'm a cuddler...and as most cats aren't, we are destined to not be friends. I like when pets show love and independant cats who only come near me when they're hungry just aren't my thing. When I was a baby our family cat jumped in my cot and scratched my face (my Mum still likes to point out the scar to everyone although noone but her can see it!!) and my relationships with cats took a downturn from then on. Then to add to the 'Why Megan doesn't like cats story', I was living with my sister and brother-in-law and their cat would make me chase it around my room and have a stand-off under my bed every morning until I could get him out and shut the door before leaving for work!

While visiting my parents farm I took a few shots of my Mum's new kitten Mary-Jane. She looks innocent but she chews cords...laptop cords, TV cords, hood cords on jumpers, extension cords, ANY cord!  Mary-Jane is super cuddly and loves following my Mum everywhere!

She is the result of what happens when both of your neighbours cats get together! Hence why she looks just like Mustafa who pestered me while I photographed my styled shoot (photos to come).

Her fur is so gorgeous and fuzzy and I can't help but like her...a lot.

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