Sunday, June 19, 2011

Carrick Hill

Was very excited to go out photographing on Saturday as this was my first time out with the D90 and Im loving it already. It was hard to part with my D3100 as it was my first ever camera, the one I got to cut my photography teeth on, and I feel bad upgrading already (I know I shouldn't feel bad but I get attached to things wayyyy to easily! I was the kid who cried when I was forced to through old clothes away...)

BUT the one thing I am loving about the D90 is I can auto-focus my macro lens - and ohhhhh this is a luxury I love!! Now I will be able to use it for portraits. The bokeh it has is beautiful :)

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Carrick Hill Estate, popular for weddings in our area and has a stunning garden, although lacking beautiful blooms atm because of winter...

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